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Yes! My new improved website is online


So glad that this is now finished because now I can start a new chapter in photography.

Back in time.... I have been photographing for years but never knew what I really liked to photograph. I have done landscapes, portraits and loved both but finally made up my mind and decided to stick to landscapes, forests and zoo photography.

The reason for this choice is that I don't want to work on assignment but just want to do what I really enjoy. Also the photos under the menu Projects is a choice I made myself and is not commissioned. Besides this, I love walking through forests or on beaches with my camera and taking pictures of whatever comes my way.

This website has been online for a long time, but I never really did anything with it... this is about to change as my love for photography has started to blossom again. Unfortunately, I am still time-bound so I do not have the time to photograph every day. I have a family, my own business and those are also very nice things to spend your time on. Still, I will do my best to reserve days for myself that I can go out and take beautiful photos and share them with you here.

My photos can also be ordered in prints and will be delivered as Fine Art Prints. All you have to do to order a print is to send me an e-mail. Via e-mail we will discuss which photo you want to order as a print, in which size and what the costs will be. The prices of my prints are between €49 and €99,- excluding shipping costs.

As a photographer, I'm not a company yet and I first want to see if there is any interest in selling prints. If this gets out of hand, I'll register as a company so I can also link a webshop to this website to offer my prints.

Ok, enough talking, enjoy the new website and if you have any questions I would love to hear from you!


Lorenzo DeCestaro

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